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Leadership Development

Bradley Denis McDevitt, ACC

Coaching Through Presence & Transformative Insight

Trained in the Presence-Based® Coaching methodology,

Depth Psychology, and Somatic Integration



"Bradley’s experience in stage movement attunes him to paying attention to how your physical body - from your mind to your adrenaline - shows up in how you live. And how paying attention to that can be a key element in bringing about changes you want to make in your life. His patience and presence when talking together makes it super-easy to become transparent, which itself helps you discover how you are now, and how you can become more of what you want. I value time with him."

Jay Batson, former CEO Acquia

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"Bradley is a coach who uses the mind and body to unlock the spirit.  Bradley empowers clients to zero-in on  feelings and meanings behind  presenting issues.

He is intuitive, yet he goes where the client wants to go. Bradley is your coach if you are someone who often gets stuck “in your head” or thinks too much. Bradley is smart, intuitive, empathic, patient, calm, and kind. In my work with Bradley, I have been able to “clear” the space in my physical and emotional environment, which has freed me up to show up as my true and authentic self.

I highly recommend Bradley!"

Kristi Budd
Counselor, Paideia School


" Bradley is a person of both great integrity, and tremendous talent. He consistently demonstrates both a deep interest in, and commitment to, human thriving.

He lives into an inspiring curiosity for what makes each person unique. I see him as uniquely qualified as a coach, consultant and valuable leader in the pursuit of individual and community health and well-being. His work and approach are so needed in our society right now. We need more folks like Bradley."

Kevin Joyce, Facilitator/Producer,
EnJoy Productions


My coaching work can be approached in a few ways:

  • 1-on-1 personal development

  • Team-building workshops

  • Executive/Leadership Performance Coaching.


We will always start with a "chemistry call" to help us determine if this relationship will be a good fit and I can help accommodate your needs.

Select one of the categories below to learn more about each.

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Performance & Personal Development

For individuals seeking to improve their confidence, presence, vision, and strength in action, Bradley offers customized coaching sessions that revitalizes our inherent creative powers through powerful insight.

This coaching builds on both somatic practice as well as specific outcome-oriented, actionable results. Between 60-120 minutes


Building Cohesive Ensemble Dynamics

Tailored team-building programs that generate transformative results, quickly and enjoyably. This work leads teams through intensive work/play structures that connects them to a greater sense of identity and purpose.

Improved communications, engaged business vision, and growth-minded production are all proven, achievable goals.

Contact for more details and to find out how to get started.

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Presence In Presentation

Often, the most valuable asset executives need is least attended to: Engagement.

Leaders need to be able to connect, to convince, to understand, to empathize, and to direct. They need to be aware of not only what is being said, what is being felt.

Here, the tools of theater and performance are indispensable for any leader to understand and bring into their toolbox.

Through a curriculum cultivated by over three decades of performance experience, Bradley leads leaders through a course designed to capitalize on an individual's strengths, demonstrate the power of vulnerability, and support them as effective communicators and public speakers




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From a Theater of Presence, A Practice of Presence:

A life-long teacher and practitioner of performance and creativity, Bradley made the decision to help others inhabit their own innate superpowers of creative thinking and living. His focus of study is the psychology of creativity and how our stories create and shape our lives.

Now, through creative consulting, course-work, and one-on-one coaching, Bradley uses a variety of performative tools to bring clients into hyper-focused and engaged solutions by utilizing their own creative energies as a primary source of innovation.



Coaching is most effective when you come willing to participate. Be prepared to get honest about your goals and what obstacles you're facing. Sessions are scheduled 5 at a time, so you get the chance to dig into an area of your life where you want to get results.


Coaching isn't for everyone, but there is not a "right" personality for this work. As long as you have the desire and motivation for change and are willing to do some work to get there, most clients find the process not only effective but invigorating as well.


Sessions are booked in groups of five, or for a discount, three months at a time. Rates vary depending on client and circumstance. For more information, reach out for a chemistry call to discuss more options.


Absolutely not. Presence-Based© coaching follows mindfulness guidelines for the coach. This assists the coach in being as present as possible for your sessions. You may discover a new mindfulness practice within an activity you already know and love. But it is not an essential part of this process.


Coaching is not therapy.

The goal of competent coaching is not to tell a client what to do.

A good coach helps a person gather their thoughts, reflects their ideas and goals, and holds a space for the person to explore, prioritize, and organize.

  • The goal of coaching is to help you identify and achieve your goals

  • The work further deepens a client's connection to a somatic (physical) practice of presence

  • Guides and aligns their motivation with their desired outcomes.

  • Provides accountability and support

Coaching allows you to clarify and achieve your goals so you can continue to grow and learn into your true potential.

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