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Pain Is Inevitable

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional." -Dali Lama

The Buddhists believe one of the four noble truths is that life is suffering. This seems dark from a Western point of view.

When they break that down, the Buddhists really mean that attachment brings suffering. And who isn't attached?

We're attached to people, to things, to outcomes. We're attached to life! We're very attached to breathing, to feeling good, to staying alive. This attachment brings joy, sometimes. But inevitably it brings pain. The pain of loss.

But, as the Dali Lama says, that pain doesn't have to mean suffering. The suffering comes from our desire-our attachment.

This is the second email in as many weeks where I focus on this topic. First, from a Stoic perspecitve, and now an Eastern, Buddhist one.

I'm staying on it because it is the foundation of our work at A&R. Our goals, dreams, visions, hopes for ourselves and our loved ones must be held closely, but held lightly.

Think of it like holding a bird: too tight and you crush it. Too loose and it flies away.

We only work with committed, dedicated men in this program. Men who know what they want and are willing to do what it takes to get there. This also implies a serious commitment to letting go of results. Just because we know where we want to go does not mean that's where we will end up.

Imagine saying. . ."I want to succeed in my business." You may think that someone offering you a lucrative offer in a completely different field isn't your business, but if you're attached to what your outcome looks like, you have missed a potential opportunity.

We must stay willing to change our perspectives and remain unattached to our outcomes.

Stay flexible, gentlemen.

Practice letting go, and doing the next right thing.

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